Next Cluster Meeting
14th January 2016

3:30pm Wolseley Centre 

New L3 Training
Spring 2016
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Welcome to our cluster group

The Staffordshire Forest School Cluster Group is a growing network of individuals and organisations with an interest in forest-based education. 

We are a voluntary organisation and one of a number nationwide affiliated to the Forest Education Network (FEN) which promotes the educational use of woodlands and Forest Schools. The Forest Education Network (FEN) is the successor body to the Forest Education Initiative (FEI) in England and is be developed and run by the partnership of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC) and Fiona Groves, the Natural Route.


Forest Schools as an innovative approach to learning and the development of social, emotional and life skills of young people in Staffordshire. The groups’ ambition is for every child in Staffordshire to have an entitlement to participate in a Forest School programme.


This website has been created with funding from Engie Flagship Fund and with contributions from many members of the group. This site is here to help you - please let us know of any forest school resources, up-coming training opportunities  or tips that you would like to share and we will do our best to post them up. 


Check out our news secton on the homepage for new opportunities - Rugeley Power Station is offering local schools the opportunity to take part in a new initiative called Trees for Schools - take a look at the news item to find out more! In the How can we help? section look for information on our waterproof loan scheme. 

If you are interested in setting up Forest Schools in your area and want to find who can offer support then take a look at the Who are we? section.  You can also search for Forest School Practioners on our searchable database. If you are already delivering Forest Schools please help us to record the spread  and development of Forest Schoools in Staffordshire by registering your Project on Find your local Forest School